If you didn’t know better, you might think microneedling was developed specifically with active lifestyles in mind. Of course, that’s not really the case. Microneedling is a technology that has evolved in recent years to become a highly valuable procedure for reducing signs of aging and the appearance of scars in all people.

Microneedling is ideal for patients with an active lifestyle

Nonetheless, the advantages microneedling brings to your medical aesthetic practice also make the procedure ideal for your patients with an active lifestyle. For example:

  • Sessions are short. The procedure typically takes as little as 30 minutes — up to an hour for a larger area or multiple areas. That makes it easy for your patients to fit a procedure into even the busiest schedule, working around their job, family obligations, and play time. Short sessions give you greater scheduling flexibility in your office, too.
  • Repeat sessions are well-spaced. Typically microneedling may require multiple sessions to reach your patient’s aesthetic goals, again depending on the skin condition and the size and number of body areas. However, procedures are usually spaced several weeks apart, so scheduling is flexible and convenient. The gradual nature of microneedling outcomes also gives you and your patient more control to achieve the outcome they have in mind.
  • Downtime is minimal. Active patients aren’t stuck at home for many days while they recover, missing out on business and social activities.

Active People May Have Additional Needs

“Active” lifestyles often include sports. In summer, that means clothing that is more revealing – shorts, tank tops, swimsuits. Greater exposure can make some of your patients feel self-conscious about their stretch marks or noticeable scars from acne or an injury or surgery. If they’re uncomfortable enough, they may even skip the activities they love.

And let’s face it, no matter how active or inactive your patients are, aging can do things to their face, neck, and hands that they would rather not show off. Women and men with an active dislike of those emerging fine lines and wrinkles want to do something about them.

This is exactly why you went into practice, isn’t it? To help patients overcome their discomfort by enhancing their appearance and their self-image.

Microneedling Is Ideal Because It’s So Versatile

It is safe and effective for every skin color and type. That means it’s a great option for every one of your patients. The SkinPen® device is ergonomically designed, and needle depth is adjustable, putting state-of-the-art control in your hand. You can reach virtually any part of the body – improving skin conditions from fine lines to deep scars on the face (even around the eyes and mouth), neck, arms, hands, abdomen, back, and legs.

Patients with an active lifestyle are likely to shy away from laser procedures and chemical peels because they are harsher and require more downtime. And these aren’t even an option for some of your patients. As a medical professional, you want to match each patient with the right procedure, making microneedling the obvious choice for patients with an active lifestyle.

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