Microneedling with the SkinPen® device is a comprehensive program that includes specific microneedling post-procedure protocols. This enables the patient to be well-prepared coming into the microneedling session and to continue afterward with a regimen that helps in the skin’s recovery. That post-procedure protocol is especially important, because it incorporates the Skinfuse® skin care regimen. These products ensure the patient’s skin receives the precise nourishment it needs, without being exposed to potentially harmful ingredients or products.

Microneedling Post-Procedure Protocol

Skinfuse Microneedling Post-Procedure Protocol For Clinicians

Once microneedling has been completed, gently pat down the affected area using sterile gauze. Then apply a generous layer of Skinfuse® LIFT HG, a proprietary formula which serves to assist in the wound healing process. LIFT HG is one of the products in the patient’s take-home kit, so they can continue to re-apply it as necessary over the next 24 hours.

Review the entire Skinfuse post-microneedling regimen with the patient, and also explain their activity limitations.

Make notes about the day’s procedure on the patient’s SkinPen® Procedure Log. This provides a handy quick reference for their next session, if another one is indicated. Jot down a reminder to take photos before beginning the next session. These will serve as “after” photos from the current session as well as “before” photos to document results of the next session. Collectively, pictures from all procedures provide a progressive visual history of the patient’s microneedling results.

Schedule the patient’s next appointment, if needed, about 4 weeks out.

To clean the SkinPen® device for storage, simply remove the needle cartridge, remove the Bio-Sheath, dispose of the needle tips in a sharps container, and use a Sani-Cloth® disposable germicidal wipe to disinfect the device.

SkinPen® Post-Procedure Protocol For Patients

It is recommended that patients should never put anything on skin in the procedure area other than products in the Skinfuse® regimen. Other products may contain ingredients which could cause complications rather than assisting the skin’s natural healing process. Products to avoid include cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreen, and cosmetics.

The Skinfuse® treatment kit will contain everything the patient needs, including:

  • PURIFY Cleansing Complex
  • RESCUE Calming Complex, soothing post-microneedling gel
  • RECLAIM Hydrating Support, which supplies essential skin cell nutrients and hydration
  • FORTIFY Vita C Serum, post-microneedling antioxidant
  • SHIELD Zinc Oxide 21% SPF 30, which is a sunscreen

The kit comes with instructions regarding when to begin using each of these products, how to use them, and how often.

As noted above, there are a few activity limitations for the first 72 hours following microneedling. During this time, patients should avoid sun exposure and strenuous exercise, because sweating and excess blood flow can cause irritation and hinder results. Minimizing sun exposure for a full week after the procedure is even better to maximize the results of the procedure.

By following these protocols carefully, clinicians and patients can work together to ensure optimal microneedling results.

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