With the introduction of the SkinPen® device, micro needling can take on an entirely new dimension for your practice. Patients love the results they’re seeing from micro needling pen procedures. They’re talking about it online, and probably calling your office with questions. With increasing public awareness and proven results, the micro needling pen presents multiple opportunities to potentially increase revenue.

How to Increase your Practice Revenue With a Microneedling Pen

The Micro Needling Pen Is A High ROI Investment

It can be expensive to introduce a new procedure to your practice. You usually have to purchase equipment, and you always need to stock up on supplies, plus there’s the specialized training. Will it be cost-effective? Only if it helps attract new patients and retain existing ones, increasing practice revenue and profitability.

A micro needling pen is an affordable, one-time purchase you’ll use again and again. Everything else you need to perform micro needling procedures is a consumable. So the procedure is economical as well as more convenient:

  • The micro needling pen is cordless, so it’s easy to maneuver. It is quickly rechargeable between procedures.
  • Needle cartridges are individually packaged, and they’re disposable. You never have to worry about sterility, yet you can easily tailor needle penetration depth for each patient – anywhere between 0.25mm and 2.0mm.
  • SkinPen® is designed with a sterile single use disposable to ensure convenient use and easy cleaning.

Virtually Anyone Can Be A Patient

It’s so discouraging when you have to tell someone that they don’t “qualify” for a procedure they’ve had their heart set on. You may feel almost as let down as they do. And you feel responsible – after all, they’re looking to you for professional help. Perhaps to erase age-related fine lines and wrinkles. Or reduce the appearance of stretch marks, or scars from acne, an injury or surgery.

SkinPen® beautifully assists patients in their aesthetic needs, and it is safe and effective for every skin type. You can say yes to more prospective patients, and know you’re offering them a superior skin rejuvenation procedure. Taking on more patients increases revenue, but adding a new, winning procedure boosts your practice’s reputation and patient loyalty as well.

A Micro Needling Pen Is Versatile

Aside from patient-specific limitations, other devices and procedures might not work well (or are not recommended) on all parts of the body. SkinPen’s® ergonomic, cordless design makes it easy to use virtually anywhere, including small or hard to reach locations. And the range of needle depth allows you to address a range of surface issues – something else other procedures don’t offer.

The Procedure Is Patient-Friendly

You can confidently recommend micro needling to patients, because it works and it’s convenient. Procedures take just 30-60 minutes. They are virtually painless, with almost no downtime. Typically, patients may require 2 to 6 sessions, but these are scheduled about a month apart. It is easy for both them and you to include micro needling into your busy schedule.

All these benefits not only add up to increased revenue for your practice; they ensure increased satisfaction for your patients.

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