Competition has heated up for plastic and cosmetic surgeons in recent years. Public interest in aesthetic enhancement is on the rise, as more non-surgical options become available. Men, women, adults of all ages – everyone wants to look their best. As a medical aesthetics professional, you’re always on the lookout for ways to augment your practice. Skin needling is an obvious choice.

Skin needling add value to your practice

Here’s How Skin Needling Can Add Value To Your Practice:

  • Skin needling broadens your menu of minimally-invasive treatment options aimed at reducing visible signs of aging. The procedure is also an excellent choice for patients who wish to reduce the appearance of scars from acne, injury, or surgery.
  • Skin needling allows you to broaden your patient pool. The SkinPen® device can be use on all types of skin and all skin colors. And it can be used on many parts of the body, including the face, neck, and décolleté. That makes SkinPen® a valuable alternative to chemical peels and laser-based procedures.
  • Adding skin needling gives you one more way to connect with prospects and attract new patients. With short sessions and minimal downtime, it offers a “lighter touch” option for first-time aesthetics patients who might be hesitant to try a more complex procedure.
  • Short patient turnaround enables you to schedule more appointments per day, even working around busy days. That convenience is a sales plus for patients, too.
  • Skinfuse post-procedure skin care products give patients a way to continue and enhance their results at home. Microneedling makes the skin more receptive to nutrient absorption, and Skinfuse products are specially formulated to nourish without interference from non-essential ingredients.

All these advantages add value to your practice, in large part because they add value for patients. SkinPen® is highly versatile. It’s highly effective. And it’s cost-effective.

Adding SkinPen® gives your practice a new revenue source, so you can grow the size of your practice and also your bottom line.

Continuing Education

On top of all that, medical aesthetics professionals who choose SkinPen® can expect superior, ongoing training and support from Bellus Medical. That adds behind-the-scenes value which may not be visible to patients, but they will certainly be able to experience the benefits. Bellus Medical provides initial training on-site and through an extensive online education portal. The company also offers advanced microneedling education through webinars and in-person classroom presentations.

With that level of support, you can be confident you are offering patients the best possible skin needling outcomes and the highest possible level of safety.

Cosmetic enhancement has gone mainstream, thanks to wonderful new technologies and widespread social sharing. You can take full advantage of that for your practice by adding the multiple benefits of SkinPen®.

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