Spas want to offer your clientele the very best in skin care. But which treatments constitute the best anti-aging skin care procedures depends on the type of spa.

Some spas provide an oasis of pampering and relaxation, where clients can partake in everything from pools and saunas to massages and facials — all within a calming, Zen-like atmosphere. Many who visit may think of their experience as “anti-aging” simply because they feel so revitalized afterward, but that doesn’t mean the facial they received actually did anything to help them look younger long-term.

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Procedures

Medical Spas Have An Advantage

The most effective procedures are not available at many spas. They can be performed only by qualified personnel – aesthetic clinicians or medical doctors who have received extensive training in the application and use of these procedures. In addition, these procedures typically require a sterile environment that meets medical standards.

For a medical spa to be successful, it must appeal to a variety of potential clients. So the menu of procedures offered must appeal to:

  • A range of ages
  • Individuals of all skin types and colors
  • People with busy lifestyles
  • A range of budgets

Anti-aging procedures have broad appeal. Younger adults want to head off fine lines and wrinkles before they become too visible, while older adults see their “life experience” reflected in the mirror and want to reduce or erase those signs.

So Which Procedures Are Best?

Some skin rejuvenation options are not particularly time-friendly. Procedures themselves can be time-consuming, followed by days of post-procedure downtime. A lot of people simply cannot afford that kind of time commitment. Yet they still want to look their best. They want procedures that produce fast, highly effective results without pain or hassle.

The most popular skin renewal choices are minimally-invasive, fast, effective, safe, and – often – targeted toward specific skin conditions such as lines and wrinkles. Microneedling using the SkinPen® device is a prime example. This procedure meets all of a prospective clients’ “most desirable” criteria, plus, unlike many alternatives, it is safe and effective for virtually every individual, regardless of their skin type.

Advantages Of The SkinPen® System

The procedures chosen to be offered must be time- and cost-efficient for the spa as well as clients. There is no question that spa owners are passionate about how their clients look. Helping them select the best procedures and watch them light up with excitement when they see the results is exciting. However, spas are in business to make a profit.

Adding skin care products gives spas another revenue stream – many of these products are created specifically to optimize results of anti-aging skin care procedures. For instance, the Skinfuse® regimen supports SkinPen®microneedling. While these products can be used as a stand-alone retail line, they are most effective when used after a microneedling procedure to maintain results. Skinfuse® is a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation with take-home convenience that assists in extending the life of an in-office microneedling procedure.

When you understand the client base and know what is most important to them, it is easy to determine the best anti-aging skin care procedures for your spa.

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