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SkinPen® + Skinfuse Treatment Kit

Deliver a positive experience time and time again

A critical component for a practice’s success with microneedling is the ability to deliver a positive experience and a dynamic result in patient after patient. 

This not only leads to long-term retention of patients, but also provides a practice the opportunity to turn those satisfied patients into patient advocates and grow the practice through patient referrals.  That is the opportunity the SkinPen Treatment Kits can offer practices. 

The kits ensure that every patient, every procedure is offered the same opportunity:  a safe and effective treatment where every patient leaves the practice with product and a plan for the next 72 hours.

Each Treatment Kit includes one of each following item:

Microneedling Cartridge
EO (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilized, disposable needle cartridge packaged and labeled individually. Proprietary needle cartridge. *Cartridges are not to be resterilzed.

The SkinPen® and needle cartridge interface with a nonsterile and disposable BioSheath to prevent contamination of the SkinPen®.

Lift HG is a hydrogel wound dressing without drugs and/or a biologic to protect against abrasion and friction during the microneedling procedure.

Please Note:

  1. Treatment Kits are sold as 12 kits per case.
  2. Each Treatment Kit case purchased will also include 12 tubes of Rescue Calming Complex and 1 box of BLT.

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