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Skinfuse® SHIELD Zinc Oxide 21% SPF 30 is an effective sunblock avoids the inflammation sometimes associated with chemical sunscreens. That’s important for post-microneedling patients due to the tissue remodeling process.

Benefits and Features

  • Effective sun protection after microneedling to maintain results
  • 21% zinc oxide for true physical sun protection with no chemical sunscreens
  • Micronized zinc oxide to blend with skin’s natural tone
  • Tocopherol linoleate – a highly stable, soluble form of vitamin E – allows for greater antioxidant protection and penetration
  • Chemical-free
  • Non-nano (large molecule) technology reduces risk of penetration
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Key ingredients: 21% micronized zinc oxide and tocopherol linoleate/oleate


  • 6 Skinfuse SHEILD Zinc Oxide 21% SPF 30, 60 mL. Airless Pump
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