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Bellus Medical products carve out a unique space in the aesthetics industry.

Our non-invasive innovations – SkinPen®, the only FDA-cleared microneedling device; the post-microneedling protocol Skinfuse®; the light-activated cream Allumera®; and the platelet-rich plasma system ProGenTM  – act as “gateway” products that draw new consumers to leading physician-directed practices around the world.

SkinPen by Bellus Medical


The Only FDA-Cleared Microneedling Device in the World1

SkinFuse 90 day Post Procedure Protocol


Ninety-Day Post-Microneedling Protection



The Light-Activated Cream for Skin Revitalization2

ProGen PRP by Bellus Medical


Flexible Platelet-Rich Plasma System3

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[1] SkinPen® U.S. intended use: The SkinPen Precision System is a microneedling device and accessories intended to be used as a treatment to improve the appearance of facial acne scars in adults aged 22 years and older. Rx only. SkinPen® international intended use: SkinPen Precision is a microneedling device that utilizes collagen induction therapy to treat melasma, acne and surgical scars. See intended use, important safety information, and clinical trial details (data on file) at See intended use, important safety information, and clinical trial details (data on file) at [2] Revitall study of safety and efficacy of Allumera® and skin illumination in 101 subjects (data on file). Results based on a survey conducted by patients after three procedures spaced four weeks apart. [3] ProGen™ intended use: The ProGen PC Kit is indicated for the rapid preparation of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a small sample of blood at the patient’s point of care. The PRP is mixed with autograft/or allograft bone prior to the application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics of the graft.